Current Advisees

Hank Cole, CSU Geosciences M.S. Program.

Michael Baker, CSU Geosciences Ph.D. Program,

Nicole McMahon, CSU Geosciences Ph.D. Program,

Past Advisees

Robert Anthony, Ph.D., 2017
Studies of Oceanic, Atmospheric, Cryospheric, and Fluvial Processes Through Spectral Analysis of Seismic Noise, USGS Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory

Steven Bernsen, M.S., 2015
Examining the Seismicity of the Whillans Ice Stream, Antarctica Using a Sparse Regional Network, University of Maine

Kasey Aderhold, IRIS PASSCAL Summer Intern, 2013
Seismic Emplacement, Direct Burial and Vault Emplacement Data Quality Comparison at Dotson Ranch, New Mexico
IRIS Consortium

Julien Chaput, Ph.D., 2012
Scattered Wavefield Studies in West Antarctica and at Erebus Volcano
Colorado State University Mathematics Department

Hunter Knox, Ph.D., 2012
Eruptive Characteristics and Glacial Earthquake Investigation on Erebus Volcano, Antarctica
Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM

Alan Shi, IRIS PASSCAL Summer Intern, 2012

Shoba Maraj, M.S., 2011
Controlled Source Seismic Investigation of the Crustal Structure Beneath Erebus Volcano and Ross Island, Antarctica
BP, Anchorage, AK

Jonathan MacCarthy, Ph.D., 2011
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Lithospheric Structure beneath the Colorado Rocky Mountains and Support for High Elevations

Jennifer Tarnowski, IRIS PASSCAL Intern, 2011
California State, Fullerton

Nicole McMahon, IRIS PASSCAL Intern, 2010
Michigan Tech

Zhaohui Yang, IRIS PASSCAL Intern, 2009
University of Illinois

Omar Marcillo , IRIS PASSCAL Intern, 2008
New Mexico Tech

Lisa Linville , IRIS PASSCAL Intern, 2007
Michigan Tech

Christian Lucero, M.S. (Mathematics), 2007 (w/ Brian Borchers)
Ph.D. Program, New Mexico Tech Mathematics Department
Seismic Moment Rate Function Inversions from Very Long Period Signals Associated with Strombolian Eruptions at Mount Erebus, Antarctica

David Brent Henderson, M.S., 2007
Analysis of Seismic Similarity in Strombolian Eruptions from Mount Erebus, Antarctica

Victoria Miller, IRIS PASSCAL Intern, 2006
Pensylvania State University

Aaron Hirsch, IRIS PASSCAL Intern, 2005
UNLV, Geoscience Department

Sara McNamara, M.S. 2004
Source Mechanism Inversion of Very Long Period Signals Associated With Strombolian Eruptions at Mount Erebus, Antarctica

Rafael Alvarado, M.S. 2004
Seismic Noise Characterization at the Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer Site

Wenzheng Yang, M.S. 2004
Ph.D. Program, Department of Earth Science, University of Southern California
An Adaptive, Automatic Phase Picking and Epicenter Location Program Based on Waveform Cross-correlation and its Application for Processing Seismic Data in New Mexico

Dave Wilson, Ph.D. 2004
US Geological Survey, Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory
Seismic Structure of the Crust and Upper Mantle in the Southwestern United States Using Teleseismic Receiver Functions

Alberto Lopez, IRIS PASSCAL Intern, 2004
Northwestern University, Department of Geological Sciences

Mario Ruiz Romero, M.S. 2003
Instituto Geofisico, Ecuador
Analysis of Tremor Activity at Mt. Erebus Volcano, Antarctica (pdf)

Sangyun Mah, M.S. 2003
Discrimination of Strombolian eruption types using very long period (VLP) seismic signals and video observations at Mount Erebus, Antarctica

Brady Romberg, IRIS PASSCAL Intern, 2003

Zachary Lawrence, IRIS PASSCAL Intern, 2002

Joe Leon, M.S. 2001
Santa Rosa Consolidated Schools, Santa Rosa, New Mexico
Seismic background noise along the RISTRA array of broadband seismic stations extending from west Texas to southeast Utah

Charlotte Rowe, Ph.D. 2000
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Earth and Environmental Sciences Division, Los Alamos, New Mexico
Correlation-based Phase Pick Correction and Similar Earthquake Family Identification in Large Seismic Waveform Catalogues

Xiaobing Zhang, M.S. 1999
Landmark Graphics Corporation, Austin, Texas
Processing of Seismic Events Collected by the new Mexico Tech Seismic Network Using a Matseis-Based Review Tool and a Postgres Database

Mitch Withers, M.S. 1994; Ph.D., 1997
Center for Earthquake Research and Information, University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee
Recording and Analysis of Borehole and Surface Seismic Signals and Noise near Datil, New Mexico (M.S.)
An Automated Local/Regional Seismic Event Detection and Location System Using Waveform Correlation

Rebecca Knight , M.S. 1996
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Seismicity of Mt. Erebus Volcano, Antarctica, Recorded Digitally from November 12, 1994 to July 31, 1996

George Slad, M.S. 1995
IRIS PASSCAL Instrument Center, New Mexico Tech
Temporal Stability of Shear-Wave Anisotropy in the Vicinity of the Joshua Tree-Landers earthquake Sequence

Joe Henton, M.S. 1995
Natural Resources Canada, Geodetic Survey Division

Rod Flores, M.S. 1995
An Improved Boundary element method for Strike-Slip Fault Mixed-Value Problems with Application to the Anza Seismic Gap, Southern California

Mike Skov, M.S. 1994
U.S. National Data Center, Arlington, Virginia
Digital Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing as Applied to Seismic Networks in the Rio Grande Rift and on Mount Erebus, Antarctica

Yvan Charnavel, M.S. 1993
Gaz de France, Paris.
Impact of an Earthquake on a Vertical Borehole.

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