Prospective Graduate Students


I am on the faculty in the Department of Forest and Rangeland Stewardship, in the College of Natural Resources.  Information on the College and Department is available at: and

I accept graduate students through Colorado State University’s Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, and students should become familiar with the application procedure, and course offerings through their web site:

If you have questions about this program, contact Jeri Morgan the GDPE administrator at

1401 Campus Delivery, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523, email at: or telephone: 970-491-4373

For information on Colorado State University see:

I develop a student/mentor relationship with each graduate student.  In contrast with undergraduate education, graduate education is focused on individual learning by active participation in research projects and classes, and one on one interactions between students, faculty, and our research partners in land management agencies.  Each student focuses on one major research endeavor which will form the basis of their MS or Ph.D. experience.  Students also take a number of classes to enrich their understanding of ecology, hydrology, soils, statistics, modeling, GIS, botany, and other key fields.  Ecology demands a multidisciplinary approach and students must become masters of many fields to address complex real world problems and issues.  I spend considerable time in the field and in the office with each student and work collaboratively on their projects.  I respect student ideas and motivations and try to advance each students understanding of ecology by working together.  I expect dedication, inspired hard work, focus, honesty and a desire to succeed from all students.  I provide students with the financial and scientific support needed to complete research projects, and interact with the project sponsors.  Many opportunities to teach and become a teaching assistant also exist in the college and university.  All students publish their work in peer review journals.  A list of my publications are in my CV and I work with motivated students to help them become first authors of journal articles.

For students currently in undergraduate programs at colleges and universities, I rarely have taken a student directly from a BA/BS program. I require significant post graduate work experience in the natural sciences to gain valuable experience.  I suggest working as a summer field assistant or technician, or another science job to build skills needed for graduate school.  If you feel exceptionally motivated, but have little science work experience, please visit me on campus.