Welcome to the Geomodeling Research Group @ CSU

We are focused on the interdisciplinary research of combining geology, geophysics and engineering for the purpose of generating more predictive geospatial models.  Our methods are strongly rooted in the interpretation of the depositional environments and tectonic settings for which we are building the model, while leveraging a wide range of existing tools and methods.  Where the tools and methods do not exist, we generate our own.  We work with outcrop, modern and subsurface data.  We are also interested in assimilating field production data into our modeling schemes so that issues such as connectivity and anisotropy can be addressed.  Utilizing production data can also serve as a proxy for model validation when the model purpose is to predict the heterogeneity that controls reservoir connectivity.

The end goal of our research is to discover ways to build more geologically realistic models, from simple to complex, while always keeping in mind the purpose of modeling.  We also strive to use all of the data available (i.e., wireline logs, core data, seismic attributes, and production data) each at the correct scale at which they provide information about reservoir heterogeneity.   We seek to build the appropriate type and amount of heterogeneity into our modeling approaches to address specific research questions.

Lisa Stright,
Assistant Professor
Curriculum Vitae