Current Graduate Students

Casey Meirovitz, PhD

Research Topic: Characterization, modeling and simulation: 1) deep-water slope channels, and 2) tidal bars in incised valley fill: essential architectural elements, scales, and uncertainty.

Previous Degrees: B.Sc. in Geology from Brigham Young University; M.S. in Hydrologic Sciences from University of California, Davis

Research Groups: Chile Slope Systems and Rocks2Models

Andrew McCarthy, MS

Research Topic: Reservoir Characterization and Modeling of Tidal Deposits of the John Henry Member of the Straight Cliffs Formation, UT

Previous Degree: B.A. in Geology from Colby College

Research Group: Rocks2Models

Luis Carlos Escobar Arenas, MS

Research Topic: Near- and inter-well architectural modeling of deepwater channel elements constrained to machine learning predictions.

Previous Degree:BS in Geology (Universidad EAFIT, Medellín, Colombia)

Research Group: Chile Slope Systems

Patrick Ronnau, MS

Research Topic: Machine learning to predict sedimentary architecture.

Previous Degrees: BS Geology, concentration Geophysics (University of Kansas); BS Petroleum Engineering (University of Kansas)

Research Groups: Chile Slope Systems

Previous Graduate Students

Noah Vento, MS

Research Topic: Deep-water Channel Modeling and Fluid Flow

Previous Degree: B.S. Geology Texas A&M

Now at ExxonMobil, Houston, TX

Adam Nielson, M.S. Geology 2017 CSU

Thesis Title: “Using synthetic seismic models of channelized deep-water slope deposits to inform stratigraphic interpretation and reservoir modeling

Now at Noble Energy, Houston TX

Allie Jackson, M.S. Geology 2014 UofU

Thesis Title:  “Geomodeling deep-water channel architecture and characterizing the effects of intra-channel heterogeneity on fluid flow in the Tres Pasos Formation, Magallanes Basin, Chile”

Now teaching at Fort Lewis College

Alex Turner, M.S. Geology 2014 UofU

Thesis Title: “Outcrop-based predictive modeling of fluvial architecture, Straight Cliffs Formation, Southern Utah”

Now at Chevron, Houston, TX

Carrie Welker, M.S. Geology 2014 UofU

Thesis Title:  “Geologic controls on oil production from the Niobrara Formation, Silo Field, Laramie County, Wyoming”

Now at Fluid Inclusion Technologies, Broken Arrow, OK

Karenth Dworsky, M.S. Geology 2015 UofU

Thesis Title: “Subsurface to outcrop: Forward modeling, seismic acquisition, and outcrop ties, Kaiparowits Plateau, Utah”

Now at USGS, Anchorage, AK

Wassim Benhallam, M.S. Geology 2015 UofU

Thesis Title: “Development of metrics to test correlation of patterns in channel belt successions with shoreline trajectories”

Now at Quantum Reservoir Impact, Houston, TX

Cory Johnson, M.S. Geology 2017, UofU

Thesis Title: “Reservoir characterization of tidally-influenced deposits in the Straight Cliffs Formations, Kaiparowits Plateau, Utah”

Now Officer with the Army Reserves

Andrew Ruetten, MS

Research Topic: Deep-water Channel Modeling and Fluid Flow

Previous Degree: B.S. Geological Engineering University of Wisconsin

Research Groups: Chile Slope Systems

Teresa Langenkamp
Teresa Langenkamp, MS

Research Topic: Quantifying the information content of Inverted Seismic data

Previous Degree: B.S. Geology with GIS certificate (Miami University, OH)

Research Groups: Chile Slope Systems

Previous Undergraduate Students

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Cesar Quiroz, BS

Research Topic: Exploring virtual reality and machine learning in the Geosciences

Now a software engineer at

Elisabeth Rau, B.S. Geology (Geophys conc) CSU

Honors Thesis Research Topic: Investigating the impact of heterogeneity on seismic-reflectivity tuning in deep-water depositional environments.

Now pursing a PhD at Baylor University

Casey Duncan, B.S. Geology 2014

Research Title: “Investigating metrics and statistical measures to compare polygonal features observed on Mars to similar terrestrial features” (co-advised with Dr. John Bartley)

Now at University of Utah pursuing an M.S. in Geology

Ryan Hillier, B.S. Geology 2013

UROP Undergraduate Research project: “Evaluating TOC calculated from well logs and their spatial distribution to analyze oil and gas production potential from shales in South America and in the Uinta Basin of Utah.”

Now at Apache Corporation in Houston, Tx