Getting There

Getting to the YMCA of the Rockies


If your initial arrival into the United States will be by air, Denver International Airport (DIA) is the closest major airport to Estes Park. This airport is served by numerous major international and national airlines and offers connections to many other U.S. and international hubs.

We will have shuttle services booked to transport you from DIA to the YMCA of the Rockies, or you may rent a car from any of the various rental services offered at DIA.

If you arrive by air transportation, please consider compensating for your carbon footprint.


Cars can be rented from any of the various rental companies at DIA. Shuttles are offered by the rental services to the rental site from any of terminals. Booking rentals in advance is recommended. Please use the address 2515 Tunnel Rd, Estes Park CO 80511 as the address when navigating to the YMCA of the Rockies. There is plenty of free parking available by the lodges and throughout the complex.