Getting There

Getting There

Goslar is located in the Harz Mountains region at the Southeastern tip of Lower Saxony. Goslar itself can be reached by train or car. The nearest airport is Hannover (HAJ).


If your initial arrival in Germany will be by air transportation, Hannover Airport (HAJ), located 104 km north of Goslar, will be your closest bet. The airport is being served by all major European airlines and offers a number of connections to many European hubs (Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna – Lufthansa/Eurowings; Amsterdam – KLM; Brussels – Brussels Airlines; Copenhagen – SAS; Moscow – Aeroflot; Istanbul – Turkish Airlines; Paris CDG – Air France; Zurich – Swiss) and some point-to-point connections by low cost carriers (Vueling, Wizz Air). From Hannover Airport, you can get a train connection to Hannover Main Station (15 minutes riding time) and from there to Goslar (see info about rail below) or rent your own vehicle (driving time to Goslar is approximately 75 minutes). Please be advised that air fares to Hannover can fluctuate significantly as the city is a well-used exhibition and trade fair destination. If you find air fares too high out of HAJ, flying into one of the other German major airports (Frankfurt, Berlin, Dusseldorf, or even Munich) might be an option as they are all connected to the German rail system. The easiest alternative connection would be from Frankfurt. If you arrive by air transportation, please consider compensating for your carbon footprint.



The  most convenient way to get to Goslar is by rail. Deutsche Bahn (website can be accessed here) provides an hourly connection from Hannover Main Station which always leaves at 48 minutes past the hour and takes 65 minutes. If you are coming from a southerly direction, you can also already connect at Göttingen Main Station, although the service there is not as frequent as it is from Hannover.

From the Goslar rail station, you can already see the hotel and walk there within five minutes.

Together with our conference hotel partner, we will be offering a special ticket that brings you to the conference from any German destination for only 99 round-trip. For most trips beyond a regional train connection, this means significant savings. Please note, if you arrive at Hannover Airport, we do not recommend buying the discounted rate as the regular one-way fare from Hannover to Goslar is 23€ without any discounts. If you are needing a longer train trip (i.e., Munich-Goslar), the special rate is recommended.

Instructions for accessing Special Train Rate: 

  1. Open Bahn URL by clicking here.
  2. When the page has loaded, click on “Planen Sie jetzt Ihre Reise”.
  3. When the new window opens after clicking, go into the browser URL. Find the section in the URL where it says “?lang=de”.
  4. Change the “de” to “en”.
  5. Hit enter and wait for the page to reload.
  6. Click on the orange “–>Suchen” button in the lower right hand side of the page to proceed to the next page.
  7. If done correctly, the next page should be in English.


Getting to Goslar by car is easy, driving in Goslar, an old medieval town, is less fun. So think about the question whether you really need a car. For those who will arrive by car, the hotel offers parking at a charge of 10 Euros per night. Please by advised that cars that you desire to park in the hotel garage cannot exceed a height if 180 cms. If higher, cars need to be parked at one of the parking lots outside of old town Goslar. In order to navigate you towards the hotel entrance, please use “Goslar, Bismarckstrasse 3A” for your device. Rental cars are available at all German airports and all major railway stations. Advanced booking is recommended.