Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations


Closed; email for late submission information


Please follow the instructions carefully and include all requested information. All submissions must be in English. Please be aware, participants will not be allowed more than one oral presentation, but may be listed as a co-author of several abstracts.

You may submit your abstract by visiting the Ex Ordo abstract submission system (you will be required to setup an account first):

If you have trouble submitting your abstract via the website, please e-mail us at and we will work with you.



Step 0) Create an account with Ex Ordo by visiting:

Step 1) Select the “Poster” track when beginning your submission.

Step 2) Enter the title and abstract. The title must be ≤8 words and abstracts must be ≤300 words in order to submit. Abstracts that exceed the word limit can’t be submitted through the online submission system. Each abstract should include a clear statement of the problem or objectives, give brief methods and substantive results, and end with a clear conclusion. Do not use vague statements such as “results will be discussed.”

Step 3) Enter authors and their affiliations. All co-author’s email addresses MUST be included. You must also designate “corresponding authors” and “presenting authors.” Please be aware, no more than the first 5 authors may be listed to retain program readability.

Step 4) Choose up to 3 topics of interest that accurately categorize your abstract.

The Pathways 2021 conference theme is “Life Without Salmon?”. This theme will guide the development of our plenary and training program. We encourage individual presentations that fall within the Pathways 2021 conference theme, but this is not a requirement.

Step 5) You will be asked if you are submitting an Organized Session. This question is in reference to the submission that you are currently entering. Since this is a poster, you will reply “NO” here.

If the submission is an Organized Session, return to Step 1 and mark it as an Organized Session and follow the Organized Session instruction steps instead.

If your abstract is selected, you will be notified with an acceptance e-mail no later than June 30, 2021. Those who are selected to present will be required to print their own posters and drop them off at the registration desk onsite at the specified time (to be announced).



If your abstract is selected, please prepare your poster in 1M x 1M format (36″x36″). Presenters must bring their own posters, as the Pathways team is unable to print for you.