Leave data must be uploaded to Oracle by the 14th or the last working day before if the 14th falls on a weekend. Leave should be entered in the WCNR leave system by the 5th and uploaded to Oracle by the 10th.  One HR staff and one fiscal staff manage the verification, upload and audit process of employee leave.


Uploading Leave Data

On Warner College of Natural Resources (WCNR) Sick and Annual Leave site, all employee’s leave data for CEMML and CNHP are managed by department.  A monthly report is generated once all employees have successfully submitted their leave for the prior month.  This report is split into several files due to the file size.  Once the files are separated, they are uploaded into Oracle through the Leave Taken Summary function.

After all files have been successfully uploaded, the total hours are added and validated through Oracle.  Then an error reported is generated.  If there are errors they are reviewed, corrected and re-validated.

Oracle uses elements in order to classify the leave type taken:

FAP AL Taken – annual leave hours used by the employee
FAP AL Reduce Taken – annual leave hours given back to the employee
FAP SL Taken – sick leave hours used by the employee

FAP SL Reduce Taken – sick leave hours given back to the employee
FMLA – FML hours taken by employee regardless if paid or unpaid; if paid, should have another line entry for appropriate leave (should not increase RL)
Research Leave – sum of the amount of all types of leave except FML, LWOP and VIPS

Parental Leave – hours used by employee for approved parental leave (copy of upload must be sent with parental leave request to Benefits Office to receive proper financial credit to Dept)

Research Leave Verification

The Leave Entry Report is pulled from Oracle after the upload is complete, to verify that the leave upload matches the leave submitted in the WCNR Sick and Annual Leave System.  One fiscal staff and one HR staff complete this verification process together for additional oversight.  The College Business Officer and a fiscal staff verify these reports along with the Time Allotment System to ensure validation across all systems.

WCNR Leave Management System

All leave types are accounting for in the leave detail section of the WCNR Leave System

Employees enter they sick and annual leave, the system automatically enters holidays, and special leave is entered by HR staff with supporting backup kept electronically on file.  Special Leave would include Leave without Pay, Admin Leave, Funeral Leave, and Parental Leave.