Reconciling accounts against Vista (FRS)

In the top left corner, click Reconciling

                                        Type in account number you will be reconciling – press submit

You will notice that all the pending transaction will come to the top of all the enties on the account.  The next transactions will be the oldest entires already “cleared” on the account.  If you are reconciling the month of May of 2015, every transaction that is listed on the vista report under current month charges should be entered on the account and you would match these expenses and enter a “cleared FRS” date.  May 2015 cleared date would be 05/15

May 2015 cleared date would be 05/15     Click “update” after adding in cleared dates.

Running reports

Once you have verified all the transactions on the FRS/Vista report are correctly entered on your account and appropriate, it is now time to run verification reports and summaries of your transactions.


In the top right section go to “report” dropdown

*Project Transactions – one month

                         Run this report



Project Transactions – one month

Comparing balances


Take the “current balance” and “encumbrances” from Vista and add them together, Subtract your “Total Outstanding” from this one month report and you should come to the balance in the WCNR database. Run a tape. Print this report.

*Project Summary

Print this report

This balance will match the balance on your transaction report and will also match the tape you ran, which verifies the balance against Vista.  Initial by the balances on each report: you have reconciled the account.


*Other reports

Object Summary

If you are having trouble coming to the same balance on Vista and on these reports, there is another report you can use to help narrow down (By object code) where you might be off.  This report can also be used to grab an overview of how much you have spent against the budgeted amount on each object code.