Salary Billing Process


The Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands (CEMML) and Colorado Natural Heritage Program (CNHP) use a fringe 2 process in order to bill accounts for salary services.  A 21 recharge center is used as a salary clearing account for the initial salary and fringe 1 charges for all salaried employees in these two departments.  Leave credits are posted to the same 21 account automatically by the central HR Oracle after each employee’s sick and annual leave has been approved and uploaded.  The individual salary amounts are then calculated for each employee by adding fringe 2 and are then billed to the appropriate accounts as was submitted and approved electronically through the Warner College of Natural Resources (WCNR) Time Allotment System.  Each employee submits time and leave electronically and both are approved electronically by the supervisor and then a master report is generated, uploaded to Kuali Financial System (KFS), and is reviewed and approved by Sponsored Programs before the accounts are billed.


Salary and fringe 1 data is exported from KFS as a .csv excel file, by using the General Ledger Entry Lookup for the 21 account.

The salary and fringe 1 data is then imported to the WCNR Accounting Database:

WCNR Time Allotment Data (time and effort data for employees and accounts) once reviewed and approved by supervisors is extracted from the Time Allotment System and imported to the WCNR Accounting Database.  Any adjustment to the monthly reporting requires the submission be returned to the employee for correction then re-verified by the supervisor before processing. Once all three pieces (Salary and Fringe 1, Research Leave, and Account Billing Data) are in the Accounting Database each employees line nets to zero.

After all amounts have been reviewed and verified by WCNR Fiscal Staff, the Time Allotment Billing Data is imported to KFS and billed to the appropriate accounts through an Internal Billing document.

These salary billing amounts are then entered on each individual project or departmental account and reviewed by the respective accounting staff for to ensure each cost is allowable, allocable and accurate.