Special time at CSU for visiting Chinese scholar

By Haimeng Liu | March 18, 2024

March 12, 2023, a special day for me, I left China and arrived in Fort Collins, and my colorful and unforgettable year began!

Everything around me was unfamiliar to me in the first three months, I felt nervous and home-sick, was afraid to talk to others and hang out alone. But the people I met at CSU were very nice and friendly, they encouraged and helped me a lot. Especially my supervisor and friend, Dr. David — he not only instructed my research responsibly, but also helped me fit in here as soon as possible, introducing new friends to me, taking me to different coffee shops, hang out or look for food.

To be honest, I was very sad when I was about to return to China, I didn’t wanna say goodbye with my friends, they are kind and nice, I bet I will miss them a lot all the time. I think this experience at CSU is special for me, like a gift from life. I learned a lot at CSU, how to do research, how to be a good and healthy person, how to keep work-life balance. I really wish I can stay longer here.

After three months, I totally fitted in here and really enjoyed time at CSU. I loved going to the library to work and going to gym to do workout. I also got a chance to do a presentation to introduce Wuhan and Shennongjia to the CSU students, which makes me feel so happy. I still remember Dr. David introducing Wuhan and China to his students in Class, trying to make more people know the real Wuhan, I feel touched. So, I was very excited when I got a chance to do same thing.

Looking forward to spending time at CSU in the future!

-Haimeng Liu (aka “Doris”), visiting PhD student scholar (Central China Normal University)