International Programs

Tatra National Parks, Poland and Slovakia


I am working with Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) superintendent Vaughn Baker and Chief of Resources Dr. Ben Bobowski to expand RMNP’s  Sister National Park program to include the exchange of young scientists between Poland, Slovakia and the US.  Currently we are working with post-doctoral students from Wroclaw University in Poland who are comparing fens in the Tatra and Rocky Mountains.  I’m also working with Dr. Jozef Sibik of the Slovakian Academy of Sciences in Bratislava, Slovakia.  Jozef is evaluating the effects of livestock grazing on alpine tundra vegetation in the Rocky Mountains and Tatra Mountains. Our research partners in Tatra National Park Slovakia (Tatransky Narodny Park) are Dr. Peter Fleischer and Ing. Slavomir Celer.