About Moby:

Like many of my feline colleagues, my primary formal training is in the field of ecology. I have conducted a rigorous observation of primarily (I) extra-apartment squirrels and (II) intra-apartment insects. However, I have recently directed my intellectual focus beyond mere empiricism to more complex furlosophy. This change in focus has been inspired in part by my angst concerning the tiny red dot that I feel hopelessly compelled to pursue—and yet—never obtain. In the words of Jean-Purr Sartre: “The For-catself, in fact, is nothing but the pure nihilation of the In-catself, it is like a hole in cating at the heart of Cating.”

Moby’s research interests:

When I descend from contemplative meditation on top of my cat tower, I sometimes assist Julia with her research. My strategy is adapted from a theoretical method developed by Arispawtle and later by Furge Luis Borges, known as the Infinite Kitty Theorem. I practice this by rolling around on Julia’s laptop keyboard and depressing random keys. I hypothesize that in this way a master’s thesis will one day appear. I have found that this is also an effective method for writing script in a variety of coding languages.