HR Phishing Email


Hi Folks,

We’ve been getting reports of a really good fake phishing email being delivered to WCNR folks. We’ve forwarded it to CSU’s IT Security group to help review and block the email however we wanted to give everyone a heads up to avoid accidental clicks.

The email subject line is: “Important (Outstanding Payment).”

The body of the email has a CSU MyHR banner image (very legitimate looking) and a very fake link to a third-party site.:


You have received an important document ‘Outstanding Payment’.

Click to view the secured document

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, Colorado 80523 USA


To see an image of the imposter email, please visit our WCNR IT Security and Privacy blog at




Thank you for reporting the email and checking in with us!


If you’re not sure it’s safe to click, download, or install, please contact us or your local IT unit!  Call 970-491-5037 or email us at

Should I trust this email? Email is not really validated, it is safest to never outright trust any email message. That is why all this information is also on the WCNR IT Security and Privacy blog at or by going to the main college web page (  ) and clicking on “Menu” –> “Information Technology” –> “Security Awareness” –> “College Security Blog”. Since you can verify that site to be a university web site, it is a better, more trustworthy source of the links. If you go there, thanks for being extra careful!




Warner College of Natural Resources

Natural Resources 107D

Fort Collins, CO 80523-1401

Ph: (970) 491-0923


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