WCNR: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

In such a Cloud Computing, the infrastructure is provided by cloud providers where operating environment is user centric and applications are deployed. For example, Prof. John Doe has developed an application which is supported by Mac, Windows and Linux.

Campus Cloud

The CSU Campus Cloud was established as an outcome of the IT Consolidation Committee. The intent of the Campus Cloud service is to consolidate data centers from across campus onto a central campus solution (spanning multiple physical locations) allowing for hosting of virtual servers. It provides an opportunity to consolidate otherwise underutilized physical server hardware. The CSU Campus Cloud is a cost recovery service run by ACNS personnel who will service university server and storage needs. ACNS is responsible for the virtual hosting environment while those using the hosted service are responsible for the installation, setup, and maintenance of the operating systems and applications installed on hosted virtual servers. Customers will pay for the service based on level of usage outlined below. Both monthly and annual billing options are available. VM calculator   VM Pricing Options 

3rd Party Hosting Services

Most research require high computational support. Such computational support become costly if one buy own physical server. So we provide solution where user satisfy their need. We suggest the cheapest cloud services according to their need and help them to set up the environment. For more info contact WCNR IT staff

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