Maliasili Training: Demystifying M&E

From Design to Data: Demystifying M&E



Date: Wednesday, Feb. 19th

Time: 10:00AM-3:00PM (Lunch Break 12:00PM-1:00PM)

Led By: Kasmira Cockerill

Registration Deadline: CLOSED

Location: Saunders Black

Capacity: 50


Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) is a critical component of successful and high-impact conservation programs, projects, and organizations, yet M&E often comes across as daunting, complex and expensive to design and implement. M&E is often treated as an administrative burden or an unwelcome, external requirement of donor projects.

Yet a robust, appropriate, and used system for tracking and learning about the progress and impact of conservation work lays at the heart of designing and delivering impact – and ultimately about communicating that impact and raising money for it as well.

This four-hour workshop will aim to make M&E more accessible by providing tools and ideas for conservation practitioners to design and monitor their work, ultimately driving towards greater impact and results as well as facilitating and learning processes that are central to innovation.

The workshop will clarify some of the fundamental concepts of M&E and train participants on a process for designing an M&E system in a way that is directly related to an organization’s core mission. The session will use interactive group activities to increase participants’ understanding of the basics of M&E language, uses and purpose, as well as to practice some of the fundamental processes and frameworks essential to designing an M&E system.

The session will be led by Maliasili, with inputs from select partner organizations in Kenya who have used this M&E method and can share and distill lessons on making an M&E system work for each organization’s needs.