Organized/Special Sessions

Organized Sessions


Organized sessions (also known as symposia) offer the opportunity for participants to organize a series of presentations related to the conference theme, “Life Without Salmon?”or any of the Topics of Interest.

Submit your Organized Session using this link by November 5, 2021.

  • Organized Sessions will be comprised of 4-6 presentations with a suggested time of 20 minutes per speaker (15 min presenting, 5 min Q & A).
  • Roundtable, panel discussions and other formats are also welcome.
  • Speakers are scheduled according to the organizer’s preferences.
  • Organized Sessions are scheduled to run concurrently with other conference sessions.


Organizers of all types of sessions will be responsible for:

– Being the primary point of contact with the Conference Planning Committee.
– Completing the Organized Session Submission Form and submitting that sheet with the session proposal on this survey. Please be aware, a maximum of 6 presentations/authors is permitted for a 120 min session; a maximum of 4 presentations/authors is permitted for a 90 min session.
– Identifying and inviting their session participants, ensuring that they have uploaded their abstracts to Survey Monkey and that those abstracts have been noted as being a part of that Organized Session, and ensuring that they are registered for the conference and will attend the Organized Session.
– Serving as the chair (or designating a person to chair) for each symposium.
– Session Organizers are responsible for identifying and inviting their session’s participants. Organizers are encouraged to seek a geographically and intellectually diverse group of participants. We strongly encourage all organizers to identify contributors whose work will allow for comparisons across different theoretical or disciplinary perspectives, methodological approaches, and geographic and cultural contexts.

The session organizer should adhere to the following guidelines when submitting through this system:

Step 0) Please download the Organized Session Submission form  and fill it out accordingly (you will upload the form later).

Step 1) Select either the “Organized Session (90 min)” or “Organized Session (120 min)” track.

Step 2) Provide a title (≤8 words) and detailed description (purpose and content) for the organized session (≤300 words). Enter this into the online form. Please include the names, affiliations, and titles for all presenters in your session. Indicate what type of organized session you will hold.

Step 3) Provide the name and affiliation information for the organizer(s) in the online system under the “Authors” step. Only provide organizer information here, do not list the presenters/authors included in your session. “Presenting Author” selections will be ignored. PLEASE NOTE: No more than the first 5 authors may be listed to retain program readability.

Step 4) Choose up to 3 Topics of Interest that accurately categorize your organized session. The Pathways for Salmon conference theme is “Life Without Salmon?” The conference organizers have drafted a broader list of potential key topic areas that we hope will inspire the conference program.

Step 5) You will be asked to confirm that you are submitting an Organized Session. This question is in reference to the submission that you are currently entering. You will reply “YES” here and proceed to the next question where you are asked to upload a completed Organized Session Worksheet for each presentation. Attach all symposia presentation worksheets using the “Add an Attachment” button.

You should receive an email receipt from the system approximately 15 minutes after you submit your session. All accepted submissions will be notified by  December 3, 2021. If your session is accepted, then presenting authors will be required to submit their PowerPoint files no later than April 28, 2022.