Is Wolf Reintroduction Right for Colorado?

Is Wolf Reintroduction Right for Colorado?

A special, multi-part plenary session organized by assistant prof. rebecca niemiec (Colorado State University) and Prof. Jeremy Bruskotter (Ohio State University)


The idea of reintroducing wolves to Colorado is increasingly being discussed among conservation organizations. The question of whether and how to reintroduce wolves is largely a question about human interests and values. This symposium will explore the complexity of the human dimensions of wolf reintroduction through a variety of social science lenses. We will hear from leading researchers and practitioners on lessons learned from past reintroduction attempts, as well as key findings from social science research on public perspectives towards wolf reintroduction.

plenary speakers:

Mike Phillips 

Turner Endangered Species Fund

Jeremy Bruskotter

Ohio State University

Terry Fankhauser

Colorado Cattleman’s Association

Kerey Barnowe-Meyer

Nez Perce Tribe

Diane Boyd

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Suzanne Asha Stone

Former Idaho/Yellowstone Wolf Reintroduction Team Member

Mark Leslie

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

John Vucetich

Michigan Technological University

Richard Knight 

Colorado State University 

John Duffield 

University of Montana 

The plenary symposium will be followed by a half-day workshop on Wednesday afternoon focused on developing research priorities for the human dimensions of wolf reintroduction in Colorado moving forward. The workshop will be open to anyone who would like to participate and will take place as a world-cafe style forum. The plenary organizers ultimately hope the workshop will lead to the development of a group paper defining a research agenda for applying the social sciences to wolf reintroduction.