Wolf Reintroduction Symposium

The Human Dimensions of Wolf Reintroduction in Colorado

A special 2-hour plenary session organized by assistant prof. rebecca niemiec, Colorado State University


The idea of reintroducing wolves to Colorado is increasingly being discussed among conservation organizations. The question of whether and how to reintroduce wolves is largely a question about human interests and values. This symposium will explore the complexity of the human dimensions of wolf reintroduction through a variety of social science lenses. We will hear from leading researchers and practitioners on lessons learned from past reintroduction attempts, as well as key findings from social science research on public perspectives towards wolf reintroduction.

Confirmed Speakers:

Introducing the Idea of Wolf Reintroduction in Colorado 

Mike Phillips, Rocky Mountain Wolf Project

other confirmed topics to be included in the plenary:

The Other Side of the Table: Concerns with Wolf Reintroduction 

Lessons Learning from Working on the Ground with Ranchers on Wolf Management

Social-Psychological Perspectives on Wolf Reintroduction 

Economic Perspectives on Wolf Reintroduction

Check back soon for updates on confirmed speakers!

The organizers of this plenary will be hosting a hands-on workshop on Tuesday as a follow-up to this plenary. Please check back soon for more information on how to register.