About Sites


social network structureSites@WCNR is a WordPress service that provides an easy way for WCNR faculty, staff and students to set up a website or blog using predefined design templates (themes) and plugins.

Why use Sites@WCNR?

Sites offers a robust set of easy-to-use tools, including WCNR-related themes and a WCNR URL. The service also provides user and group management using the CSU eID authentication system.

What can you build on Sites@WCNR?

Class websites; e-portfolios; individual or group blogs; audio, video and multimedia curation sites; project or group websites.

Who shouldn’t use Sites@WCNR?

Those who want additional customization (such as a specific URL, adherence to specific branding requirements, or more customized graphic design or functionality) should contact WCNR IT staff. Custom approaches to WordPress (including graphic design, other themes and plug-ins and custom URLs) can be accommodated through other campus and external service offerings, which may require payment for development, design, hosting or other project costs.

Students who are considering using WordPress for online portfolios and sites that they would like to access beyond graduation, should consider developing a site in wordpress.com as their CSU eID access to Sites@WCNR will expire soon after graduation. Students nearing graduation may also consider exporting their site from Sites@WCNR and importing into wordpress.com or other WordPress service provider.