Dr. Cavaliere has established working partnerships with the following organizations:

Global Sustainable Tourism Council

GSTC supports destinations in implementing the Criteria through trainings and assessments” World Travel & Tourism Council. “Accredited Certification Bodies certify hotels, tour operators, and destinations to the GSTC Criteria. GSTC supports destinations in implementing the Criteria through trainings and assessments.”

Linking Tourism and Conservation

LT&C provides examples all over the world, where tourism supports national parks or other types of protected areas. LT&C has developed into a global network of members (penguins) with competence and interests in both tourism and conservation. We create synergy and facilitate the sharing of knowledge and expertise among our members.

Mountain Sentinels

The Mountain Sentinels Collaborative Network is composed of scholars, non-governmental and governmental organizations, and stakeholders working towards sustainability of mountain environments and communities worldwide. We are identifying best practices for successful transdisciplinary approaches effectively linking science with policy and practice to better address critical challenges and problems.

International Affairs and Global Engagement

Our mission is to engage with international students, scholars and faculty in Warner College of Natural Resources. Providing a welcoming, safe, enriching and supportive environment to study, work, and live; Engaging educational, professional, and personal support throughout our large college network; and Making connections between our international and domestic college members.

PhD Program in Hospitality and Tourism Management: Bangkok Thailand

The program is a unique transforming, developmental educational experience that stimulates intellectual and personal growth by building deep practical knowledge and fostering sound judgment through advanced research activities. This program prepares students for a career in tourism and hospitality research and teaching at institutions both locally and abroad.

Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries

Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries is an award-winning program for best practices in Sustainable/Responsible Travel. CCS organizes a range of dynamic seminars for the public and academic institutions.

Destination Stewardship Center

The nonprofit Destination Stewardship Center is a growing community of people involved in the intersection between tourism and stewardship of places. Our team seeks additional volunteer participants who meet our qualifications, as well as potential partners, sponsors, and “Destination Monitors” for specific places, especially World Heritage destinations.

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Fanimal is a socially-minded organization focused on animals who provide original content on a variety of topics delivered through web-based platforms. Their mission is to inform and mobilize animal lovers (aka fans of animals) so that animal suffering can be reduced.