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Julia Branstrator is a Ph.D. student studying under Dr. Cavaliere researching the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources with an emphasis on Tourism Impacts. She received a B.S. in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Purdue University, and dual M.S. degrees in Sustainability, Technology and Innovation though an international partnership between Purdue University, Barcelona’s Polytechnic University of Catalonia, and the Dublin Institute of Technology. Inspired by her work in the national parks and love of natural spaces, her experience includes researching the barriers to adopting waterless waste technologies into the United States, cultural heritage tourism impacts, consumer image of tourism destinations after natural disasters, and facilitating sustainable operations within the human dimensions of tourism.

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Shelby Fitzgerald graduated from Colorado State University with her Master in Tourism Management (M.T.M.). She received her H.B.B.A in Business Management and Marketing from Idaho State University. She has assisted Dr. Cavaliere as a Gradate Teaching Assistant for the NRRT 470 Tourism Impacts course, and as a Research Assistant helping with tourism related communication strategies, webdesign and research collection. Through her studies and personal interests, she seeks out the connection between the natural environment, tourism sustainability, and the consciousness of human interactions within the external environment. Her interests include permaculture, agroforestry, ecotourism, and tourist behaviors.

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Roy Van Anda is pursuing his M.S. in the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources. Prior, he completed his B.S. in Natural Resource Management with a focus in Conservation Biology and GIS at Colorado State University. He assisted Dr. Cavaliere as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the NRRT 442 Tourism Planning course. His thesis research focuses on livelihood diversification as an adaptation strategy practiced by Northern Kenyan Pastoral communities in response to socio-ecological change. Primarily focusing on the role of formal education in shifting local livelihoods, values, conservation, and natural resource use patterns. His interests and research focuses include conservation, international development, and community engagement.

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