Contact Us

Email is the best way to contact our lab. Please contact Dr. Rebecca Niemiec at:


We are often looking for undergraduate research assistants to help with research projects. We are also happy to advise undergraduate honors theses focused on community engagement, behavior change, and public outreach for natural resource management issues. Please contact Dr. Niemiec if you are interested in working with her through a thesis or as a research assistant in the Conservation Action Lab.

Graduate Students and Postdocs

We do not currently have funding to take on additional graduate students or postdocs. In certain cases, we can help motivated graduate students or postdocs apply to funding sources to work with our lab.

Conservation/Natural Resource Management Practitioners

We are always looking for conservation organizations who are interested in partnering with our lab to collaboratively develop and implement research projects. We are most interested in partnering with organizations who are excited about developing and rigorously testing community outreach and engagement approaches using social science theory and methods.