Errata for Parameter Estimation and Inverse Problems, Third Edition

In Chapter 3, page 61, the sum in the data space expression (3.53) should terminate at m (not n). and the following explanation (should read: “if p < m“.

Exercise 4 in Chapter 7 incorrectly refers to Exercise 5.3; it should be Exercise 5.1. 

Exercise 5.1 incorrectly refers to Example 5.1; it should be Example 5.2.

In equation (11.42) on page 296, there should be a “/” before sigma-squared in the exponent.

In Exercise 2.5, equation (2.126), the first data point should be (-1, -1) rather than (-1, 1).  

On page 165, it should be noted that x* is the optimal solution in equation 6.87).

On page 178, Exercise 4 should refer to Example 6.2.

On page 208, Exercise 2, the range of log_10 alpha should be -8.0, -7.9, …, -3.

On pages 183-185, regarding the ISTA and FISTA algorithms.  In minimizing || Gm-d||_2^2 + alpha*|| m  ||_1 the soft thresholding constant should be alpha*t rather than alpha.  In equations (7.5) through (7.11), and algorithms 7.1 and 7.2, all occurrences of alpha should be replaced with alpha*t. 

On page 208,in exercise 7.5, change “Modify Examples 7.2 and 7.4” to “Modify Example 7.1”.

On page 216, the transfer function of equation (8.29) is inverted, and the subsequent paragraph should thus note that there are r+1 poles and q+1 zeros.