Conservation and Landscape Ecology Courses

 NR420 – Principles of Ecosystem Management
Introduces students to ecosystem management, the current management paradigm for public lands; provides students with an overview of the ecological, social, and economic principles that provide the basis for ecosystem management; and helps students develop the skills necessary to translate general scientific principles into management and implementation plans for ecological systems.
FW370 – Design of Fishery and Wildlife Projects
Students will learn how scientific research contributes to solutions of major issues in fishery and wildlife management by designing projects and preparing research proposals. In additions to gaining experience in reviewing primary literature dealing with the concepts used in planning and conducting scientific investigations, students will explore selected case studies to illustrate how general ecological concepts apply to understanding the relationships between individual organisms and populations with their environment. We will review the statistical analysis of ecological data, graphical presentation of data, and drawing reliable inference form data analyses.
EY 620 – Applications in Landscape Ecology

Courses Previously Taught

FW 192 – Wildlife Inquiries
FW 360 – Principles of Vertebrate Management
FW 471 – Wildlife Data Collection and Analysis
FW 580 – Analysis of Recovery Plans Under the Endangered Species Act
FW 580 – Critique of the draft land management plan for the White River National Forest, Colorado
EY 592 – Readings in Landscape Ecology