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Organic Carbon Storage in Rivers in the United States – Ellen Wohl

As part of a national-scale inventory of organic carbon stored along river corridors in the United States, we are measuring the organic carbon content of floodplain soils along rivers of the tallgrass and shortgrass prairies, shown below:

Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, OK
Tributary of the Arkansas River, CO
Wohl E, Pfeiffer A. 2018. Organic carbon storage in floodplain soils of the US prairies. River Research and Applications 34: 406-416.
Carbon Sequestration Potential of River-Wetland Corridors – Sarah Hinshaw, PhD Dissertation

Restoration of river corridors (channels + floodplains) to an anastomosing wooded or grassed wetland is being increasingly applied at diverse sites across the continental United States. This research focuses on how to monitor these highly spatially heterogeneous river corridors following restoration and on the potential for enhancing organic carbon stock in the river corridor through this form of restoration. Working at sites in Colorado, Utah, and Oregon, the study quantitatively compares river carbon stock at degraded sites, treated sites at which restoration has recently been completed, and reference sites that reflect the most natural conditions for a particular type of river and geographic area.

Hinshaw S & Wohl E. 2021. Quantitatively estimating carbon sequestration potential in soil and large wood in the context of river restoration. Frontiers in Earth Science.
Hinshaw S, Wohl E, Burnett JD, & Wondzell S. in press. Development of a geomorphic monitoring strategy for stage 0 restoration in the South Fork McKenzie River, Oregon, USA. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. 
Sarah at Horse Creek in western Oregon, Summer 2020
Sarah at Lost Creek in eastern Oregon, summer 2020

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