Destination Resilience

Figure 1. Resilience Vulnerability Risk Framework

Concept Definitions

  • Resilience: In social-ecological terms, resilience is broadly defined as the ability of a SES to decrease vulnerability to shocks and uncertainty through adaptation and / or transformation (Folke et al., 2010); in natural hazards research, resilience is essential to the development of multi-level disaster reduction and is generally defined as the capacity to resist and recover from loss (Zhou et al., 2010).
  • Risk: Any unpredictable, potential events such as natural disasters or social crises that threaten a socio-ecological system (SES); within a coupled SES, actions for reducing vulnerability and enhancing resilience can all contribute to risk mitigation (Lei et al., 2014).
  • Vulnerability: Often defined as susceptibility to harm; in the risk field, researchers consider vulnerability as an internal attribute of a system that increases the probability of the potential hazard occurring (Folke et al., 2010); vulnerability is often measured in terms of exposure and sensitivity, where exposure is the extent to which a system is physically in harm’s way, and sensitivity is the extent to which a system is affected after being exposed to stress (Engle, 2011).

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Research Project


Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area Case Study

A case study on vulnerability and resilience for risk mitigation in Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area, China.