Current Research Interests

  • Physical-ecological interactions in river ecosystems
  • Implications of physical riverine complexity for organic carbon storage
  • Large wood in river floodplains
  • Effects of beaver activities on downstream fluxes of material in river corridors


Logjam on North St. Vrain Creek, Coloradodownstream under jam 2

Beaver on Dall River, Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska

Current graduate student projects

  • Effects of beaver meadows on storage of water, sediment, and organic carbon in the Colorado Front Range (DeAnna Laurel, PhD student)
  • Floodplain storage of organic carbon in sediment and downed wood along the central Yukon River, Alaska (Katherine Lininger, PhD student)
  • Organic carbon storage along river corridors in the Rocky Mountain West and Olympic and Cascade Mountains of Washington (Dan Scott, PhD student)
  • Assessing habitat suitability for beaver reintroduction on natural area lands in Boulder City and County (Juli Scamardo, MS student)
  • Evaluating the relative importance of downstream changes in channel geometry and stored large wood in promoting sediment storage in Biscuit Brook, New York (Sarah Hinshaw, MS student)
  • Evaluating the effects of differing spatial densities of channel-spanning logjams in hyporheic exchange flows in mountain streams (Ethan Ader, MS student)