Current Research Interests

  • Physical-ecological interactions in river ecosystems
  • Implications of physical riverine complexity for organic carbon storage
  • Large wood in river floodplains
  • Effects of beaver activities on downstream fluxes of material in river corridors

Logjam on North St. Vrain Creek, Coloradodownstream under jam 2

Beaver on Dall River, Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska

Current graduate student projects

  • Morphological influences on sediment storage and floodplain function in southwesterern ephemeral streams (Juli Scamardo, PhD student)
  • Evaluating the carbon sequestration potential of stage 0 restoration projects in Oregon (Sarah Hinshaw, PhD student)
  • The geography of artificial levees in the United States (Richard Knox, PhD student)
  • Characteristic levels of floodplain spatial heterogeneity in rivers (Emily Iskin, PhD student)
  • Geomorphic effects of large wood accumulations (Anna Marshall, PhD student)
  • Geomorphic influences on salmonid recolonization in a post-fire environment (Mickey Means-Brous, MS student)