NCSAM Week 2: Cybersecurity in the Workplace is Everyone’s Business

NCSAM Week 2: Cybersecurity in the Workplace is Everyone’s Business


We are all part of protecting personal and organizational data in the workplace. From the Dean to an incoming entry-level employee, each organization’s cybersecurity posture is reliant on a shared level of vigilance and awareness. This week looks at how every employee can promote a culture of cybersecurity at work.

Below are simple steps you can take to be more cyber secure:

If you suspect your device may have been compromised contact the IT department.

  • One of our top priorities is the protection of your data and the network. The sooner we know of possible ransomware, malware, or other malicious software the sooner we can work on fixing it.

Make electronic and physical back-ups or copies of all your important work. Do the same for your personal files on your home computer.

  • Ensure that a duplicate copy of your important data is saved somewhere besides your computer. This could be an external hard drive, USB stick, network share, CrashPlan, or another cloud based service.  If using a mobile device, this is especially important. Laptops and phones get dropped, kicked and lost. Periodically, and before any trips, verify your backups are up to date.

When you work remotely, secure your Internet connection by using a firewall and use a secured Wi-Fi network.

  • Wireless networks that do not require a password are typically unencrypted. This would allow another person to gain visibility into what sites your visiting and what you are typing. The best solution to only connect to password protected wireless networks.
  • Lastly, remember to turn on your computer’s firewall. Windows typically has this on by default. Mac computer do not have their firewalls on by default. The default firewall is a good, easily available protection measure to put in place.

Each week in October we will provide helpful tips and information to promote cybersecurity in your professional and personal lives. Please let us know if you have any questions and as always…

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