Sleigh your holiday shopping by keeping your computers up to date.

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Hi Folks,

As we get closer the end of the semester and the holiday break, your colleagues at WCNR IT wanted to send some quick tips and advice:

Update your computers and programs.

  • Don’t let cyber criminals take advantage of known vulnerabilities in your devices. Updating your programs and computers with the latest software helps.
  • CSU has created software standards to assist with interoperability with network resources. They can be found here:

Understand what kind of information is being shared, and what options you have to limit this sharing.

  • Review the sharing or privacy options on all of your social media platforms and ensure they are set to the strictest level. Only share your profile and what you post with people you know in real life.

Use unique passwords and use 2-step authentication when available.

  • Make the passwords unique from service to service. Using different passwords helps prevent a breach from my social media account from expanding into access to my bank, email and insurance accounts. A great resource can be found here at:
  • Use 2-step authentication when the service is available. 2-step authentication works by using your username/password and an additional step of typing a random code (typically sent to you separately). This helps prevent someone from using your credentials to gain access to your account by requiring an extra code that is texted to your phone.
  • A great site for assistance with setting up two-factor authentication can be found here at: . Simply type in the name of the site (e.g. Chase) and it will provide helpful instructions on how to get set up. Update Your Software and Operating Systems.
  • CSU has recently implemented 2-Factor Authentication for VPN access more information on registering visit



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