Brackenhurst Conference and Training Center

Founded in 1914 in the green hills of Tigoni, Brackenhurst began its history with the intent of being a coffee farm. However, this quickly changed with the start of World War One, when the property became popular wartime holiday spot for British soldiers. The owners changed trajectories and turned the property into a hotel, marking the start of Brackenhurst’s heritage with hospitality.

From 1914-1964 it served as a hotel and golf course, before it was purchased by the Baptist Mission of Kenya. Under the new ownership, it was developed into a conferencing and adventure center. In 2001, however, Brackenhurst fronted a new initiative: to restore the indigenous forest that stood on the property prior to being colonized. Partnering with a local NGO focused on conservation, Plants for Life International, Brackenhurst’s efforts have successfully restored 40 hectares of closed-canopy habitat with 1,000 native species of trees and woody plants previously eradicated from the area by colonization. Alongside its restoration efforts, Brackenhurst has also created a natural wetland that helps filter agricultural runoff from the river on property, installed solar panels to reduce their reliance on wood-fuel for heat, partnered with TakaTaka Solutions to ensure 95% of property waste is recycled every month and that the community has a drop-off center for their recyclables, and established a forward-thinking school on campus dedicated to providing students environmental learning opportunities. We look forward to welcoming you to Brackenhurst!

Photo Credit: Nigel Voaden [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]
Photo Credit: Patrick Gijsbers [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

To support the increases in local participation from previous conferences and in alignment with the environmentally-conscious values of Pathways, the conference team has selected the eco-destination, Brackenhurst Conference and Training Center, as the home for Pathways Kenya 2020. Along with its accessibility for African conservationists, the values and commitments of this venue support our continued effort to deliver a platform where both local and international voices participate in discussions critical to conservation in Africa and around the globe.

Brackenhurst’s values and proven commitment to conservation align with the Pathways Kenya 2020 theme, ‘Open the Door to Diverse Voices’. We aim to help bring more local voices to the table in collaboration with the international conservation community as we continue our mission of increasing effectiveness in the Human Dimensions of wildlife management field.

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