Current Research

 John Kemper, PhD Student: Legacy sediment and floodplain forest establishment, Yampa River Basin ( with collaborators J. Friedman, R. Thaxton, E. Mueller, and J. Czuba)

Celeste Wieting, PhD Student: Channel morphologic response to invasive vegetation removal (with collaborators M. Scott, J. Friedman, D.  Schook, and D. Dean).

Christoph Suhr, MS Student: Geologic and Geomorphic Assessment of the South Fork Cache la Poudre River Valley at the CSU Mountain Campus (co-advised with Dan McGrath; with collaborator J. Singleton).



Annette Patton, PhD student (now post-doc at University of Oregon); Mass movement response to climate change, Denali National Park and Preserve, AK (with collaborators D. Capps, C. Ruleman, and J. Singleton)







Johanna Eidmann, MS student (now PhD student with Sean Gallen): Post-flood sediment flux and delta progradation, North St. Vrain Creek (with City of Longmont Utilities Ken Huson) 

Post-fire landscape response and reservoir sedimentation within a subalpine drainage basin (with collaborators S. Kampf, S. Gallen, R. Morrison, E. Wohl, P. Nelson). Photo courtesy S. Griffin.

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Post-High Park Fire sediment delivery, South Fork Cache la Poudre basin (collaborators S. Ryan and former MS student S. Shahverdian)




Drainage basin sensitivity to climate change, eastern Italian Alps (with collaborators F. Comitii and F. Brardinoni, and former  students D. Schook, M. Sparacino and N. Kramer)


Undergraduate Research

Nelson, J., 2020, Linking sediment sources to downstream floodplain forests.

Newman, S., 2019, Sediment fingerprinting of fluvial sands in the Yampa Basin using pXRF.

Mainiero, A., 2018, Measuring gravel and cobble transport into Ralph Price Reservoir using radio frequency identification.

Van, B. and Merrill, J. 2017, Instream wood loads and log jam spacing on the Upper Colorado River, Rocky Mountain National Park, Poster presented at Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity (CURC).

Former Students

Annette Patton PhD 2019

Johanna Eidmann MS 2018

Matthew Sparacino MS 2017

Derek Schook PhD 2017

Annette Patton MS 2016

Maisie Richards MS 2016

Scott Shahverdian MS 2015

Joseph Mangano MS 2014

Cory Williams MS 2014

Kyle Grimsley MS 2012

Zan Rubin MS 2010

Daniel Cadol MS 2007