current students:

Douglas C. Bailey – Snow Distribution and Wildlife Habitat
Douglas M. Hultstrand – Uncertainty in Hydrological Estimation
Alison P. Kingston – Snowpack Modeling Forced by Fine-scale Meteorological Model Output
Anna K.D. Pfohl – The Impacts of Hydrological Variation and Change
Jessica E. Sanow – The Dynamic Nature of Snow Surface Roughness Over a Shallow, Seasonal Snowpack
Sara Simonson – The Ecology of Avalanches
Molly E. Tedesche (at UAF ) – Snow in the Gates of the Arctic National Park (with David Barnes )
Elayna R. Bump – Historical Hydroclimatology in the Southwestern US
R. Allen Gilbert Jr. – Identifying Constraints on Sampling Due to Logistical Difficulties
Darya A. Lilie – Representation of Operational Snow Stations
Lindsey R. Marlow – The Shift Between Snowmelt and Evaporation in Mountain Streams
Alex R. Olsen-Mikitowicz – Mapping and Modeling Intra-Annual Snowpack Variability
Felipe Perez Peredo – Hydrological Forecasting in Snow-dominated Rivers of Chile
Danielle C. Reimanis – Snow and Short-wave Radiation
Jack J. Reuland – to be determined
Megan G. Sears – Changes to Winter Recreation Opportunities


former students:

Glenn G. Patterson 2016 – Seasonal Snowpack Trends about Rocky Mountain National Park
{download dissertation}
[started with University of Colorado, Denver]
Graham A. Sexstone 2016 – Snow Sublimation and Seasonal Snowpack Variability
{download dissertation}
[started with U.S. Geological Survey]
Ryan W. Webb 2016 – Fate of Snowmelt in Complex Subalpine Terrain
(with Michael Gooseff, Civil Engineering)
[started with University of Colorado, Boulder then University of New Mexico]
Niah B.H. Venable 2016 – Trends and Tree-rings: An Investigation of the Historical and Paleo Proxy Hydroclimate Record of the Khangai Mountain Region of Mongolia
{download dissertation}
[started with Colorado State Forest Service]
Jeffrey S. Deems 2007 – Quantifying scale relationships in snow distributions
{download dissertation}
[started with U. Washington Civil and Environmental Engineering,
then NSIDC]
Kevin A. Dressler 2005 – Snowpack Interpolation and Assimilation to Improve Hydrological Modeling
(with Roger C. Bales, Hydrology and Water Resources, U. Arizona)
[started with Pennsylvania State University]
Isaac J.Y. Schrock 2020 – The Spatial Distribution Patterns of Snow Water Equivalent Data for the Accumulation Phase Across the Southern Rocky Mountains (with Prof. Neil Grigg, CSU Civil Engineering)
Caroline R. Duncan 2020 – Patterns of Dust-enhanced Absorbed Energy and Shifts in Melt Timing for Snow of Southwestern Colorado
{download thesis}
[started with US Army Corps of Engineers Alaska District]
Kevin S.J. Brown 2019 – Snow Depth Measurements via Automated Image Recognition
{download thesis}
[started with Cherokee Metropolitan District]
Chenchen Ma 2017 – Evaluating and Correcting Sensor Change Artifacts in the SNOTEL Temperature Records, Southern Rocky Mountains, Colorado
{download thesis}
[started with Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute (Group) Co.,Ltd.]
Tyler J. Carleton 2016 – Assessing Flow Alteration and Channel Enlargement Due to Augmentation and Dam-regulation at Hog Park Creek, Wyoming
{download thesis}
[started with U.S. Forest Service]
Anna K.D. Pfohl 2016 – Trends in Snowmelt Contribution to Streamflow in the Southern Rocky Mountains of Colorado
{download thesis}
[started as a PhD student at CSU]
Benjamin C. Von Thaden 2016 – Spatial Accumulation Patterns of Snow Water Equivalent in the Southern Rocky Mountains
{download thesis}
[started at Wright Water Engineering]
David J. Kamin 2015 – Exploration of a Geometric Approach for Estimating Snow Surface Roughness
{download thesis}
[started with Coal Creek Canyon ]
Sharla A. Stevenson 2015 – Precipitation and Temperature Changes and Their Effect on Groundwater along the Kona Coast of Hawaii
{download thesis}
[started with NPS ]
Alyssa D. Hendricks 2015 – Spatial Precipitation Trends and Effects of Climate Change on the Hawai’ian Hualalai Aquifer
{download thesis}
[started with Metstat ]
Rosemary M. Records 2013 – Water Quality Benefits of Wetlands under Historic and Potential Future Climate in the Sprague River Watershed, Oregon
(with Mazdak Arabi CSU Civ&Env Eng)
{download thesis}
William J. Milligan 2013 – Social Perceptions Versus Meteorological Observations of Snow and Winter along the Front Range
{download thesis}
[started with U.S. Geological Survey ]
David C. Deitemeyer 2013 – Using Snow Telemetry (SNOTEL) Data to Model Streamflow: A Case Study of Three Small Watersheds in Colorado and Wyoming
{download thesis}
[started with City of Colorado Springs ]
Johannes C. Beeby 2012 – Water Quality and Survivability of Didymosphenia geminata (with John Stednick CSU FRS)
{download thesis}
[started with Civil Engineering, Colorado State University ]
Tumenjargal Sukh 2012 – Local understanding of hydro-climatic changes in Mongolia
{download thesis}
[started with Ministry of Environment and Green Development , Mongolia]
Graham A. Sexstone 2012 – Evaluating the Spatial Variability of Snowpack Properties Across a Northern Colorado Basin
{download thesis}
[started as a PhD student at CSU]
Evan J. Blumberg 2012 – Spatial variability of snow depths measurements at two mountain pass Snow Telemetry stations
{download thesis}
Jigjsuren Odgarav 2012 – Changes in Mongolian Snowpack Properties
{download introduction of thesis}
(with Gelegpil Adyabadam Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology, and the Environment)
[started with Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology, and the Environment , Mongolia]
Amir H. Kashipazha 2012 – Practical snow depth sampling around six snow telemetry (SNOTEL) stations in Colorado and Wyoming, United States
{download thesis}
[started with Schlumberger ]
Jared T. Heath 2011 – Motorized Vehicle Impacts on Snowpack Properties
{download thesis}
[started with Loch Vale Watershed Long-Term Research and Monitoring Program ]
Molly E. Tedesche 2010 – Snow Depth Variability in Sagebrush Drifts in High Altitude Rangelands, North Park, Colorado
{download thesis}
[started with Three Parameters Plus ]
Harold Moore 2010 – Bio-fouling and Well-head Protection
Jeffrey E. Derry 2008 – Regional Patterns of Snow Water Equivalent in the Colorado River Basin Using Snowpack Telemetry (SNOTEL) Data
{download thesis}
[started with GW Scientific ]
Patrick J. Ewing 2007 – From the Tree to the Forest: the Influence of a Sparse Canopy on Stand Scale Snow Water Equivalent
{download thesis}
Anne E. Sawyer 2007 – Snowpack Depletion Modeling Using Fast All-season Soil Strength (FASST) and SNOWMODEL in a High-elevation,
High Relief Catchment in the Central Rocky Mountains

{download thesis}
(with Kelly Elder US Forest Service)
[started with NOHRSC ]
Mark V. Corrao 2007 – Spatial, Temporal and Directional Changes in Snow Surface Roughness
[started with Hydro Construction Co. Inc. ]
Douglas M. Hultstrand 2006 – Geostatistical Methods for Estimating Snowmelt Contribution to the Annual Water Balance in an Alpine Watershed
{download thesis}
(with John Stednick CSU FRS)
[started with Metstat ]
Jennifer L. Mann 2006 – Instream Flow Methodologies: A Validation of the Tennant Method for Higher Gradient Streams in the National Forest System Lands in the Western U.S.
{download thesis}
[started with In-situ]
Scott D. McKim 2006 – The Effects Of Input Data Degradation On Hydrological Model Performance For A Snowmelt Dominated Watershed
{download thesis}
[started with NWS-AKRFC – Alaska]
Wendy A. (nee Brazenec) Ryan 2005 – Evaluation of Two Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensors To Predict Six Hour Snowfall at National Weather Service Automated Surface Observing Sites
{download thesis}
(with Nolan Doesken CSU Atmospheric Sciences)
[started with CSU Atmospheric Sciences]
Julie M. Repass 2005 – Assessment of Digital Land Cover Maps for Hydrological Modeling of the Yampa River Basin, Colorado, USA
{download thesis}
[started with Red Hen Systems, Fort Collins, then ESRI]
Bruce J. Davison 2004 – Snow Accumulation in a distributed Hydrological Model
{download thesis}
(with Ric Soulis U. Waterloo Civ Eng)
[started with Environment Canada – NHRI Saskatoon]
Julie D. (nee Holcombe) Koeberle 2004 – Modeling Snowcover Depletion and Soil Moisture Recharge at Two Different NASA Cold Land Processes Experiment Sites
{download thesis}
(with Kelly Elder USFS)
[started with NWS – Seattle,
then NRCS – Boise]