Database and Data Submission

This page displays the WooDDAM database, allows users to download the database, allows users interested in resurveying wood jams to download only rows that need resurveying, and facilitates data submission. If you wish to submit data, scroll to the bottom of this page and follow instructions there.

The following frame displays the viewable wood jam dynamics database. Feel free to interact with it here or at  At this time, you can view the database, filter by river and/or region, and search for items within the database.

Note that the app that runs this database interaction tool will time out after 5 minutes of inactivity. If it times out, just click on it or refresh the page to reactivate it and continue browsing.

The following form can be used to submit data to the database. At this time, there are insufficient data to provide accurate model predictions, but you can help build the database by following the field data collection protocol on the Data Collection page, then submitting your data here.

Please enter your name, institution (if applicable), email address, and any notes you wish to include. Please use the data submission spreadsheet from the Data Collection page to organize your data before submitting it here, and feel free to contact Dan Scott with questions!

You may need to log in to Google to submit data – if you’d prefer not to do so, please contact Dan Scott directly to arrange an alternative means of submitting your data.


NOTE: You should receive a short confirmation message confirming that your data has been sent. If you don’t get this message, please contact Dan Scott to remedy the issue and get your data submitted.