Sponsored Research Administration Information

The Warner College of Natural Resources is involved in a very broad range of research programs. Also, there are a large number of individual faculty members with specific research areas of interest.

The Office of Sponsored Programs, located at 601 S. Howes Street, serves as the primary coordinating office for externally-funded activities.

Due to the outstanding success of WCNR researchers, our funding portfolio continues to expand.  This success has created some strain in the system. To address some of these issues as well as some new Federal mandates, there are several updated policies in place for proposal submission that you should be aware of. These include:

  1. To ensure on time submission, proposals must be submitted to the WCNR Proposal (WCNR_Proposals@mail.colostate.edu) group at least 10 business days before the due date.  All materials need to be in near final form at that time.  If materials are still being developed, there may be a delay in review and submission.  If you usually work with a different proposal team than the WCNR proposal group, please check with them regarding time lines.
    • Items listed below are due no later than 10 business days prior to submission deadline date:

      1)       Kuali Research (KR) record started

      2)       A deadline date must be in Kuali Research for it to show up on reports

      3)       Draft budget

      4)       Draft scope of work

      5)       Request for proposal or guidelines if applicable

      6)       Budget justification

      7)       Request to the WCNR Proposal Team to review or assist with Kuali completion, include the KR number

      The PI is not authorized to submit a proposal to a sponsor without going through University required review and approval in Kuali.

  2. WCNR will not support proposals that have cost share listed, unless it is explicitly required in the solicitation/guidelines.
  3. All proposals must have demonstrated, and charged, effort by all key personnel, unless explicitly prohibited by the solicitation/guidelines.  CSU has defined demonstrated effort as 1% effort annually. Key personnel is defined as an individual who contributes to the scientific development or execution of the project in a substantive, measurable way. The full policy can be found at http://policylibrary.colostate.edu/policy.aspx?id=756