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Pumping Positive Possibilities

What does 1 week, 5,000 + attendees, world leaders, several social media platforms and a fun city drenched in conservation energy add up to?  Whatever your response may be, I am sure it is has been happening in Sydney this week.  There has been a lot of chatter over particular social media outlets and how they may fall short of keeping people informed.  Whether it has been clinking and drinking beers with friends or a proper dialogue with a business partner, people agree that despite our ability to connect, we are more disconnected then ever.  Interesting that as this globally recognized conference evolves that there is a feeling of disconnect.  I think there is a lot to be said for that.

Social media is powerful.  You can see a picture that someone snapped from the other side of the world on your smart phone in less then 10 seconds.  Twitter, Facebook, blogging and many others keep text and pictures flowing into your media devices constantly.  So why do we not feel like we are intimately involved with this conference?    I would like to highlight the fact that despite it being almost 2015, our incredible technological advancements, and our ease of sharing information, there is something novel about being present.  Even the small example of Brett and a CLTL student Skyping in from Sydney to Fort Collins, CO today – it gave us a tiny glimpse into what it is like over there.

The variety of participants at this conference must be providing some incredible ideas.  The workshops, seminars, presentations, and festive events are the perfect outlet for networking, idea-sharing, and information swapping.  The diversity alone within the people attending is an eye-opening and mind-expanding experience for thousands.  The possibilities and opportunities that will erupt from this week long conference will be exciting to follow.  Change takes time, more often then not a lot longer then we would like it to.  Right now there are students talking to business professionals, world leaders talking to tribes people and businesses connecting with non-profit groups.  How can nothing shy of awesome come from this?!

There is innovative energy swirling around Sydney right now and it is festering like a science experiment in a petri dish.  Lets exercise our patience and see what sort of dazzling delights form in the months and years to come.

The ‘Gram Feed at IUCN WPC

I have been following the ICUN Worlds Park Conference (WPC) on Instagram for a couple days now and there are quite a few things that have struck me.   First of all, right off the bat, I think it is quite interesting that there are only 314 followers for such a massive world wide and what thousands would say is a very important event.  Contrast this to a popular pop/country artist, Taylor Swift, who has 13 million follows.  I understand some would say these are like comparing apples and oranges but in the end they are both fruit 😉   There have been some solid snap shots over the last few days that are doing a pretty good job of capturing the essence of what’s happening.

The opening ceremony was a big hit and they posted 42 pictures and videos in a 3 hour period.  Since then, almost 3 days later, there has been 46 more posts.  There have been some pretty cool videos nearly all of them capturing tribes people music and dances.  The diversity of shots since the opening ceremony have been really cool too.  One thing that I find somewhat lame for a social media use such as Instagram is that there are a lot of pictures of people speaking.  This is not captavating or interesting – a video of them speaking would be more appropirate.  Another great feature of instagram, the they are not using, is applying your personal creativity, using filters and adjusting a bunch of features.

I am really looking forward to more diverse pictures and some sweet tribal videos.  I still feel a little left out of the loop and am unsure if Instagram is catching all the fascinating moments over there.  Generally between 10 and 20 people out of the 314 followers are clicking the “like” button which is clearly a low percentage.  I am hoping they throw some exciting stuff up on the feed and really turn up the energy level for these next few days.