Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Pricila Iranah (postdoctoral fellow 2019-2020)

“Cross-boundary habitat mitigation for endangered species”

Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Nebraska Kearney




Dr. Drew Bennett (postdoctoral fellow 2016-2018)

“Conservation on private lands”

Drew’s webpage

Current position: Professor of Practice, Private Lands Stewardship, University of Wyoming



Graduate Students


Miguel (Mikko) Jimenez (M.S.)

“The effectiveness of urban conservation programs for engaging the public and enhancing wildlife habitat”

Current position: Outreach Biologist, National Audubon Society





Dr. Sara Bombaci (Ph.D. Summer 2018)

“Restoring biodiversity using mainland island sanctuaries in New Zealand: implications for bird communities and seed dispersal”

Sara’s web page

Current position: Assistant Professor, Colorado State University






Dr. Kate Wilkins (Ph.D. Summer 2018)

“The ecological and social consequences of bison reintroduction to Colorado’s short-grass prairie”

Kate’s web page

Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Colorado State University



Anna Mangan (MS Fall 2016)

“Assessing bird-mediated ecosystem services and disservices in Colorado orchards”

Anna’s ResearchGate page

Current position: Research Associate, National Wildlife Research Center

Hannah Riedl (MS Summer 2017)

“The effect of an introduced plant on reciprocal subsidies between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems”

Current position: Water Quality Specialist, Montana Dept. of Environmental Quality




Lani Stinson (MS Summer 2017)

“The effect of an introduced plant on riparian bird communities and food web dynamics”

Current position:


Travis Gallo (Ph.D. Spring 2016)

“Bird and mammal response to large-scale habitat mitigation for game species in Colorado’s oil & gas fields”

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Urban Wildlife Institute, Lincoln Park Zoo     Travis’ web page

Cooper Farr (MS Summer 2015)

“Social and ecological aspects of conservation development as a strategy for biodiversity conservation on private lands”

Current Position: Conservation Scientist, Tracy Aviary



Apryle Craig (MS Spring 2015)

“Impacts of elk management & riparian condition on songbirds in Rocky Mountain NP”

Current Position: Ph.D. program, University of Washington

Apryle’s web page


Lucas Behnke (MS Fall 2014)
“Habitat use and conservation implications for Akikiki and Akekee, two endangered Hawaiian honeycreepers”

Current Position: The Nature Conservancy – Hawaii


Erica Goad (MS Summer 2013)
“Mammalian habitat use along a residential development gradient in northern Colorado”

Current Position:

Nate Jones (MS Fall 2012)
“The impact of energy sprawl on biodiversity and ecosystem services”

Current Position: ABR Inc.
Nate’s web page


Susan Culliney (MS Fall 2011)
“Seed dispersal by the critically endangered Alala (Corvus hawaiiensis)”

Current Position: Policy Director, Audubon Alaska
Susan’s web page

Monica Kaushik (Fulbright Visiting Scholar 2013-2014)
“Seed dispersal by native and introduced birds on the island of Kauai, Hawaii”

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Wildlife Institute of India
Monica’s web page

Adam Miller (BS Spring 2013)
“The effect of exurban development on wintering bird communities”

Current Position: Director, Planet Indonesia
Adam’s web page

Current and former undergraduate students and field technicians

Molly Warner, Beth Romero, Breanna Dodge, Megan Miller, Brent Pease, Cat de Vlaming, Kasha Malling, Lindsey Power, Tandena Nelson, Stacia Near, Grete Wilson-henjum, Lauren Wilson, Lizzie Cato, Kyle Bond, Katharine Fielding, Tessa Behnke, Marissa Edwards, Kelsie Baltrusch, Charmaine Holloway, Ashley Jackson, Megan Wing, Conrad Marshall, Karen LaBlanc, Carrie Olson, Michael Novak, John Thibodeaux, Mary Martin, Griselda Landa-posas, Kirsten Koel, Brianne Lauro, Haley Obermueller.