FW468: (Bird Ecology and Conservation): This course is still under development and will be offered first in fall 2020! Students will learn to identify local birds by sight and sound, employ field methods (e.g., point counts, bird banding), participate in long-term applied research projects, collect and analyze data, and interact with conservation practitioners.

FW455: (Conservation Biology): This discussion-oriented upper-level undergraduate course focuses on major threats to biological diversity and tools and strategies to overcome conservation challenges. Students write op-eds, give elevator talks and peer-review each others papers. We read classic papers as well as papers that highlight emerging and much disputed topics.

NR300: (Biological Diversity): This dynamic course introduces students to the diversity of life on earth, the factors that threaten species, communities and ecosystems, and the impacts of these changes on human well-being. We also emphasize and explore the portifolio of strategies for conserving and restoring biodiversity.