Topics of Interest

Pathways 2023 Topics of Interest

Alongside our theme, we have several topics of interest specific to the Pathways 2023: Human Dimensions of Wildlife conference.

When submitting an individual abstract or organized session proposal for Pathways 2023, you will be asked to select three of the following topics with which your abstract fits under:

  • Making global wildlife values information work for management
  • Wildlife viewing and engagement that appeals the masses, agencies, and wildlife defenders
  • Accessibility to the opportunity to enjoy wildlife and natural areas
  • Facilitating organizational changes to broaden discussions and allow for diverse opinions
  • Use of multimedia to attract new audiences for nature interactions and using analytics to meet the needs of a growing population
  • Health benefits of nature, including ways to immerse oneself in wildlife activities to see the intended benefits
  • Achieving conservation through everyday actions
  • Wildlife conservation with institutional changes
  • Understanding nature when wildlife becomes increasingly “wild”
  • Tribal interpretations and understandings of wildlife, conservation, and nature interactions
  • Coexistence with natural habitats; awareness of those habitats
  • Building meaningful relationships with underserved communities
  • Using multimedia as a new way to view and interact with wildlife
  • Coexistence with natural bird habitats
  • Bringing more diverse voices into birding and bird habitat management
  • AFWA-organized theme: Waterfowl Working Group
  • AFWA-organized theme: Human/Wildlife Conflict Working Group
  • AFWA-organized theme: Wildlife Viewing & Nature Tourism Group
  • AFWA-organized theme: Bird Conservation Committee
  • AFWA-organized theme: Human Dimensions and Social Science Subcommittee
  • AFWA-organized theme: Education, Outreach & Diversity Committee
  • AFWA-organized theme: Wildlife Diversity Conservation and Funding Committee

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