Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Pathways Europe 2022 Advisory Board

Camilla Sandström – Umeå University

Eick von Ruschkowski – Alfred Toepfer Academy for Nature Conservation

Frank Søndergaard Jensen – University of Copenhagen

Tasos Hovardas – University of Cyprus

Silvio Marchini – University of Sao Paulo

Jenny Anne Glikman – Institute for Advanced Social Studies

Agnieszka Olszańska – Institute of Nature Conservation, Polish Academy of Sciences

Sofia Nanni – Instituto de Ecología Regional (UNT/CONICET)

Ketil Skogen – Norwegian Institute for Nature Research

Catherine Hill – Oxford Brookes University

Dr. Vukan Lavadinovic – University of Belgrade

Susan Boonman-Berson  Bear at Work, Open University of The Netherlands

Tanja Straka  Technische Universität Berlin

The Pathways Europe 2022 Team wishes to extend our deepest gratitude to the members of the Advisory Board for their continued support in making the 2022 conference a success. We thank you for your efforts in helping us continue our mission of increasing professionalism and effectiveness in the human dimensions of wildlife field. 

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