Organized/Special Sessions

Organized Session Submissions

Abstract proposals are now closed. If you missed the deadline and would like to submit an abstract, email us at

Please follow the instructions carefully and include all requested information. All submissions must be in English. Please be aware, participants will not be allowed more than one oral presentation, but may be listed as a co-author of several abstracts.

You may submit your abstract by visiting the Ex Ordo abstract submission system (you will be required to setup an account first):

If you have trouble submitting your abstract via the website, please e-mail us at and we will work with you.


Organized sessions (also known as symposia), offer the opportunities for attendees to organize a series of presentations related to any of the conference themes.

  • Organized Sessions will be comprised of 4-6 paper presentations with a suggested time of 20 minutes per speaker (15 min presenting, 5 min Q & A).
  • Roundtable, panel discussions and other formats are also welcome.
  • Speakers are scheduled according to the organizer’s preferences.
  • Organized Sessions are scheduled to run concurrently with other conference sessions.


Organizers of all types of sessions will be responsible for:

  • Being the primary point of contact with the Pathways Conference Planning Committee.
  • Completing the Organized Session Submission Form listed on the Pathways Europe website ( and submitting that sheet with the session proposal on Exordo.
  • Identifying and inviting their session participants, ensuring that they have upload their abstracts to Exordo and that those abstracts have been noted as being a part of that Organized Session, and ensuring that they are registered for the conference and will attend the Organized Session.
  • Serving as the chair (or designating a person to chair) for each symposium.

You are invited to propose coordinated paper presentations, panel discussions, or round tables. Session Organizers are responsible for identifying and inviting their session’s participants. Organizers are encouraged to seek a geographically and intellectually diverse group of participants. We strongly encourage all organizers to identify contributors whose work will allow for comparisons across different theoretical or disciplinary perspectives, methodological approaches, and geographic and cultural contexts.

The session organizer should adhere to the following guidelines when submitting through this system:

Step 0) Please download the Organized Session Submission form from the Pathways Europe website ( and fill it out accordingly.

Step 1) Create an account with Ex Ordo by visiting: and select either the “Organized Session (90 min)” or “Organized Session (120 min)” track.

Step 2) Provide a title (≤8 words) and detailed description (purpose and content) for the organized session (≤300 words). Enter this into the online form. For panel discussions, round tables, or other (i.e., not oral presentations) the proposal should indicate the proposed session format and list the panelist (with their associated title, affiliation, country and email address).

Step 3) Provide the name and affiliation information for the Session Organizer(s) in the online system under the “Authors” step. Only provide session organizer information here, do not list the presenters/authors included in your session. “Presenting Author” selections will be ignored. PLEASE NOTE: No more than the first 5 authors may be listed to retain program readability.

Step 4) Choose up to 3 themes that accurately categorize your organized session. The Pathways Europe 2022 conference theme is “Sharing Landscapes”. This theme will guide the development of our plenary and training program. We encourage individual sessions that fall within the Pathways Europe 2022 conference theme, but this is not a requirement. The conference organizers have drafted a broader list of potential key topics areas that we hope will inspire the conference program. Please visit the Pathways Europe website at to learn more about the theme.

Step 5) You will be asked to confirm that you are submitting an Organized Session. This question is in reference to the submission that you are currently entering. You will reply “yes” here and proceed to the next question where you are asked to upload a completed Organized Session Worksheet for each presentation. Attach all symposia presentation worksheets using the “Add an Attachment” button.

You should receive an email receipt from the system approximately 15 minutes after you submit your session. All accepted submissions will be notified by July 25, 2022. If your session is accepted, then presenting authors will be required to submit their PowerPoint files no later than October 6, 2022Instructions for PowerPoint submissions are found at the end of this document.


All presenters must register and pay for the conference no later than August 1, 2022Presentation slots are limited and cancellations prohibit others from presenting their findings, so please be considerate.


Those who are selected to present will be required to submit their PowerPoint files no later than October 6, 2022. We recommend uploading early. You will be able to make revisions to your presentation by logging into your online account up until midnight Mountain Standard Time on the 6th. Please do not upload presentations until after we have confirmed that your abstract has been accepted. Furthermore, please make sure to bring a backup copy of your presentation with you to conference.

The conference language is English so all the abstracts and presentations must be in English. Each presenter will be allotted 20 minutes (15 minutes to present and 5 minutes for questions). Some sessions may have additional discussion time available. If you are in an organized session and the session lead has given you different instructions, then please follow those instead.

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