Wageningen University and Research:
Cultural Geography Group

The Cultural Geography Group is a chair group committed to social theory in all its spatial articulations. It aims to advance critical-constructive scholarship through exploring the ecological and social challenges facing all life on earth.  

Researching space, place and culture, engaging with current, historic and future dynamics of societies globally, the group pays special attention to questions of inequality, exclusion, mobility, plurality along with deploying critical tourism studies to all aspects of social and environmental sciences, unravelling relational complexities in wilderness to urban settings. Thereby the group translates knowledge into practical action in four closely related fields of application. These are: health & care, tourism, nature and landscape. 

The chair group offers courses to be attended by students, graduates, post-graduates and professionals. These courses contribute to BSc Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning, MSc Landscape Architecture and Planning, BSc Tourism, MSc Tourism, Society and Environment and PhD Study in Cultural Geography 

Department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, Colorado STate University

The Department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources (HDNR) at Colorado State University is positioned to meet complex challenges of natural resource management with a growing global population. We do this through understanding and attending to the needs and values of humans, human society and culture as they relate to the conservation and enjoyment of the natural environment. It is HDNR’s mission to empower people to explore and sustain their world. With HDNR’s belief in integrity, impact, diversity, innovation, sustainability and well-being, the vision of the department to re-imagine learning and discovery to benefit both people and the natural world. The Department offers an MS and PhD in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, an MS in Tourism Management, and an MS in Conservation Leadership; as well as graduate certificates in Adventure Tourism, Communications for Conservation and Ski Area Management. The Department is one of seven programs in the U.S. that offers a comprehensive Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral Program.

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