The 19th Symposium on Systems Analysis in Forest Resources ( SSAFR 2022)

July 24 to 27, 2022; Estes Park, Colorado, USA

Since 1975, SSAFR has been the premier international forum for forest systems analysis, operations research (OR) and decision science (

The SSAFR community has been the primary contributor to almost all key forest management and planning research during the past century, e.g., harvest scheduling, supply chain, forest health, spatial optimization, wildland fire risk management, simulation, stochastic process, and forest and fire economics. The SSAFR community also embraces the opportunities of emerging new data science technologies and the challenges from the global climate changes.

SSAFR is an inclusive and diverse international community that welcomes collaborators and speakers from different countries and backgrounds. SSAFR is also committed to providing a supportive environment for new forest students and researchers. 

This 19th symposium will accept abstracts related with the following subjects:

  1. Forest management and planning
  2. Forest transportation and supply chain optimization
  3. Wildfire risk simulation, management and decision support
  4. Forest health, invasive species, and wildlife habitat management
  5. Spatially explicit optimization
  6. Stochastic process simulation and optimization
  7. Quantitative forest and fire economics
  8. Forest and watershed management  
  9. Data science and machine learning
  10. Forest systems analysis under the impact of climate change

The conference is now open for abstract submission ( Please make your abstract concise (< 300 words). The deadline for abstract submission is on January 12, 2022. In case you may encounter difficulties of accessing the abstract submission portal, please email your abstract directly to: All abstracts will be peer reviewed before it can be accepted.

Authors of accepted abstract are encouraged to register for the symposium by using the following link before February 15th, 2022:

The SSAFR 2022 welcomes various forms of sponsorships, e.g. financial, time, scholarships, joint workshop, publication fee waiver etc. Please contact if you are interested in sponsoring this event.

SSAFR bears the responsibility of promoting the forest systems analysis community. To do so, I will regularly post information such as job openings, journal special issues, or upcoming webinars etc. To avoid clogging your mailbox, I will NOT circulate that information through emails. Instead, I will post relevant links to the SSAFR 2022 website. I encourage community members who are interested in forest analysis jobs or education opportunities to check those sites, e.g.,

We ( look forward to seeing you in Colorado in about eight months!

Best regards,

Yu (Wei)

Chair of the 19th SSAFR


Yu (Wei), PhD

Professor of Forest Management

Dept. of Forest and Rangeland Stewardship

Colorado State University

Ft Collins, CO 80523




Contact person: Prof. Yu Wei, Colorado State University. Email: