Program, map, abstracts

Program for oral presentations (the version on this site is the final version)

We saw a lot of overtime during the first day. It is the session chair’s responsibility to control the time.

  1. Each presentation in the PROGRAM has a numerical ID that matches the sequence number of the corresponding ABSTRACT in the Abstract book. Please refer to the ABSTRACT book to learn about the content of each presentation.
  2. Conference check-in station is in the lobby of Emerald Mountain Lodge.
  3. Oral presentations in breakout sessions will last 20 minutes in total. Session chair could use time-reminding warning card (1-minute, 5-minute etc.) to control the length of the talks in your session.
  4. We kindly ask all presenters of an oral presentation to a maximum duration of 18 minutes, which will allow for at least 2 minutes of Q&A. You could also limit your presentation duration to 15 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A if you prefer.
  5. The first person listed in each session is the default session chair. The session chair will be responsible of organizing the computer(s) and PowerPoint slides used for the presentations in your session, introducing presenters, serving as the timekeeper, and managing Q&A. Please make sure all slides will be ready to be presented before your session.
  6. Each keynote session will last for no more than 45 minutes in total, with 35-40 minutes presentation and 5-10 minutes of Q&A.  Keynote talks will be help in the Emerald Mountain, which is the bigger room.


Abstract book (an updated version will be posted after the conference)