People and Predator Series

The Center for Human-Carnivore Coexistence, in collaboration with the CSU Center for Collaborative Conservation and CSU Extension, are developing educational materials entitled the People and Predator Series. The Series provides scientific information on the interactions between humans and carnivores. It includes information on a wide range of topics, including carnivore ecology, wildlife and livestock management, economics, and social dimensions of living with predators. Information Sheets are available to the public as publications through CSU Extension.  An additional series of shorter FAQ's are available on the CHCC website.

See below for links to the People and Predator Series on Colorado wolves.

Colorado Wolves


The Colorado Wolves series provides science-based information regarding the restoration of wolves in Colorado.  The series has undergone review by scientists both within and outside CSU.

See links below for FAQ's and Information Sheets, published in June 2020.

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