Wolf Conflict Reduction Fund

Wolves are returning to Colorado after being eliminated more than 75 years ago, which requires efforts to reduce conflict with people, including predation on livestock.  Proactive, non-lethal approaches to prevent conflict are available, including fencing, fladry (flagging), scare devices, guardian dogs, range riders, and livestock management practices. The Wolf Conflict Reduction fund supports the efforts of Colorado State University and partners to implement on-the-ground, non-lethal tools to assist livestock producers and local communities in regions with wolves.

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Want to help livestock producers reduce conflict with wolves?

Your gift to the Wolf Conflict Reduction Fund will help livestock producers with non-lethal tools to reduce conflict with wolves, benefiting both wolves and people. Donations are tax-deductible through the CSU Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit affiliated with Colorado State University.

Interested in applying for funds to help you reduce conflict with wolves?

Please stay tuned!

Once sufficient funds are raised through the Wolf Conflict Reduction Fund, CSU plans to offer a series of grants to assist local communities and livestock producers to implement non-lethal tools to reduce conflict with wolves. The award amount will be flexible and based on available funding.

The grants will be distributed through a competitive application process selected by a committee comprised of CSU scientists, CSU Extension agents, federal and state wildlife agencies, non-governmental organizations, and livestock producers.

Please stay tuned for the request for applications!