My Life at CSU as a Visiting Scholar

By Tang Yanan | February 22, 2023 On September 23, 2023, after a rough night at San Francisco Airport, I started my studies life at CSU with two suitcases which are all my belongings. I still remember the bright morning when I met Dr. David in Oval on the first day I entered the campus.…

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U.S.-China Tourism Program Thrives Amid International Uncertainty

UNWTO October 2020 Newsletter Tensions in U.S.-China relations might suggest that a flourishing partnership between a university in the USA and another in Wuhan, China just isn’t possible. Nothing could be further from the truth. In 2016, Colorado State University’s Master of Tourism Management-China (MTM-China) program was launched in partnership with Central China Normal University…

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Love for ground zero: Thoughts from an American who’s lived in Wuhan, China Original Post Largely unknown to Westerners until a month ago, the city of Wuhan in Central China has gone viral. It’s become a place synonymous with words like epidemic, quarantine, “black swan.” While the global media has multiplied unfavorable views of the city, criticism against Wuhan has come from within China, as well. Consider,…Read More