Lab Members

Jeremy Alder
PhD Candidate
Disease Dynamics in sympatric White Tailed and Mule Deer

Annie Kellner

PhD Candidate
Terrestrial transition of polar bears in the Southern Beaufort Sea

Nelson Mwangi
PhD Candidate
Drivers of elephant space use in a changing landscape

Sandy Oduor

PhD Candidate University of Nairobi (Co-Advised)
Endocrinology of African elephants in response to landscape differences in ecology and management 

Adele Reinking
PhD Candidate
Using novel, dynamic snow modeling to reveal bioenergetic mechanisms linking seasonal resource use and fitness

Kelly Russo
Impacts of scavengers on Chronic Wasting Disease spread

Jemima Scrase
PhD Candidate University of Sussex (Co-Advised)
Leadership and decision making in African elephants

Post Docs

Heather Abernathy
Quantifying Recreational Impacts on Wildlife

Kristen Denninger-Snyder
Mitigating human-elephant conflict

Jenna Parker

The elephant microbiome

Lab Alum

Aung Chan

PhD 2023
Landscape conservation in Myanmar for Asian elephants

Nathan Hahn

PhD 2022
Applications of animal movement to conservation challenges


Mickey Pardo
Experimental evaluation of elephant communication

Rachel Buxton

Identification and analysis of anthropogenic noise in protected areas


Mark Ditmer
Wildlife spatial modeling

Guillaume Bastille-Rousseau

Landscape planning for African elephant conservation


Shifra Goldenberg
PhD 2016 and Postdoc 2017
Social and spatial behavior of orphan African elephants


Nate Kleist
Investigation of the impacts of anthropogenic noise on natural systems

Patrick Lendrum
PhD 2018
Carnivore community distribution in an energy development field


Joseph Northrup
PhD 2015 and Postdoc 2016
Energy development impacts on mule deer spatial ecology

Anni Yang
Modeling the interaction between disease and spatial processes