The Economist. “Conserve elephants. They hold a scientific mirror up to humans.” 

The New Yorker. “China and the Closing of the Ivory Trade.” 

Devex. “An invention that will fight poaching and support developing communities.” 

Digital Trends. “DARPA technology can now be used to save elephants from gunfire.”

Tree Hugger. “Elephant tracking collars will send alerts if shots are fired.” 

KSJD. “Recreation’s Impacts on Mule Deer: How ‘Ridiculous’ Are Wildlife Managers’ Concerns?”

Selected Media coverage for Buxton et al. 2017 “Noise pollution pervasive in US protected areas.” Science (over 200 mainstream news services in total):


The Atlantic. “A Not-So-Silent Spring.”

Reuters. “Human noise pollution ‘pervasive’ in U.S. protected areas.”

Washington Post. “Human noise pollution is everywhere, even in the national parks.”

The Guardian. “Noise pollution is drowning out nature even in protected areas – study.”

Popular Science. “Humans are infecting wild lands with our noises.”

LA Times. “Another way humans are polluting the environment: Too much noise.”

USA Today. “Noise pollution turns up the volume in America’s parks.”

Science Mag. “Noise pollution is invading even the most protected natural areas.”

Associated Press. “Shhh. Hear the rustle of grass? Not so much now in US parks.”

Nature News. “Human noise in US parks threatens wildlife.”

NPR. “America’s Protected Natural Areas Are Polluted, By Noise.”

Media coverage on CPW’s Piceance Predator Removal project (Feb 2017):


Aspen Public Radio. “Oil and gas development impacts wildlife.”

Post Independent. “CPW begins study killing predators on Roan.”

Aspen Times. “Colorado Parks and Wildlife moving forward with plan to kill bears, mountain lions as part of declining mule deer population study.”