About us


The High Altitude Revegetation (HAR) organization promotes understanding of rehabilitation procedures and materials, natural resource values and potentials when fragile high-elevation ecosystems are to be modified by human activities and this information is also applicable to lower elevations.


Who we are

Executive Committee

  • Chair: Peter Stahl (unclem at uwyo.edu)
  • Vice-chair: Tim Hoelzle (timhoelzle at gmail.com)
  • Treasurer: Cini Brown (cynthia.s.brown at colostate.edu)
  • Secretary: Jayne Jonas (jayne.jonas-bratten at colostate.edu)


  • Denise Arthur, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
  • Chris Binchus, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
  • Jesse Dillon, Cedar Creek Associates
  • Donna Goodsell, USDA NRCS
  • Randy Mandel, Ramboll
  • Mark Paschke, Colorado State Univesity

Interested in joining the HAR committee? Contact any of the Executive Committee members for more information.

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