Student Travel Awards

The High Altitude Revegetation Committee (HAR) announces the availability of Student travel grants (up to $1000) for students presenting a technical paper or poster at a national or regional land reclamation or ecosystem restoration conference in 2022.  Three or more student travel awards will be presented this year depending on the availability of funds.


To be eligible, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • be a current student or recent graduate (degree earned during current or previous year)
  • be the senior author and presenter of a paper or poster at the meeting of interest
  • provide an abstract of the presentation and identify the target conference
  • Indicate the total amount of conference-related expenses anticipated, total amount of funds being requested (up to $1000), amount and source of other financial support for conference-related expenses
  • recipients must acknowledge HAR travel award on poster or at the end of presentation
  • recipients must agree to allow HAR to acknowledge the award on the HAR website and send HAR a photo of them presenting talk or poster
  • recipients failing to attend target meeting must return award to HAR

Required Applicant information

To apply, complete and submit the application form. You will be asked to provide: applicant name and address, email address, academic or professional affiliation and contact information, degree sought or recently earned, major, expected or actual graduation date, presentation type (oral or poster), conference you would like to attend, title of presentation, abstract, CV, advisor information (name, title, address, email, phone number), and conference budget information.