Dr. Yoichiro Kanno (Principal Investigator; Associate Professor)

Yoichiro has been at Colorado State University since 2017. His research focuses on stream fish population and community ecology, global change ecology, quantitative ecology and conservation genetics. He was born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan, and received BA in law from Meiji University, Tokyo, a Master of Environmental Studies degree from Dalhousie University, Canada, and a Ph.D. degree from University of Connecticut.

Audrey Harris (MS student) – co-advised by Dr. Dana Winkelman

Audrey’s research interests are broadly focused on riverscape genetics, population genetic structure, and invasion ecology. She’s particularly intrigued by how habitat and hydrology, along with other dynamic environmental factors, influence connectivity among populations on multiple spatial scales. Currently, Audrey is studying gene flow and movement of nonnative brook trout in the Upper Poudre River basin as part of a large greenback cutthroat restoration project.

George Valentine (MS student) – co-advised by Dr. Mevin Hooten

George is currently working towards an MS degree in the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology (GDPE). He is applying Bayesian hierarchical models to study how climate and hydrology affect trout populations across the southeastern US.  George grew up in Montpelier, Vermont and attended undergrad at Middlebury College where he received a BA in Environmental Studies and Conservation Biology with a Minor in Geology.


Samuel Lewis (MS student) – co-advised by Dr. Jonathan Salerno (Human Dimensions of Natural Resources)

Samuel is pursuing a master’s degree in fisheries, wildlife, and conservation biology, generating interdisciplinary research that blends fisheries management and human dimension research on water issues of the Arid West. He is studying the inter-specific competition of invasive Mosquitofish and native plains fish to understand when and where they coexist theory to inform native fish conservation. He will also be researching the individual and institutional decision-making dynamics among water users and managers in the eastern plains of Colorado, interviewing water users and mangers to find a balance between conservation and consumption. Samuel received a Bachelor’s of Science in Aquatic Biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara and has since gained valuable insight on the water quality issues of Colorado through his work with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Nitsa Platis (Lead technician) – co-advised by Dr. Brett Johnson

Nitsa grew up in a small town nestled in the Cascade mountains of Washington state.  She graduated from the University of Colorado – Boulder, with a BA in Ecology/Evolutionary Biology and Psychology. Nitsa’s research interests reside in behavioral ecology and conservation. She is particularly interested in understanding population and community level responses to environmental changes, to contribute to and develop effective management strategies. She is currently examining the effects that nutrient depletion and enrichment in the lower Blue River have on trout and sculpin populations.


Lab Alumni:

Kevin Fitzgerald (BS 2020)

  • UG project: Daily otolith increment analysis of white-spotted charr and masu salmon in northern Japan.
  • Current position: MS student, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Seoghyun Kim (PhD 2019)

  • Dissertation: Intraspecific variation in reproductive ecology and success of a keystone stream fish, bluehead chub.
  • Current position: Post-doc Research Associate, University of North Carolina Greensboro

Kasey Pregler (PhD 2019)

  • Dissertation: Using population ecology to advance stream community assembly.
  • Current position: Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California Berkeley

Daniel Hanks (Post-doc 2017)

  • Project: Population analysis of self-sustaining trout in North Carolina streams: current dynamics and future monitoring strategies
  • Current position: Aquatic Ecologist, Weyerhaeuser Company

Seth Mycko (MS 2017)

  • Thesis: Abundance modeling and movement of smallmouth bass in a regulated section of the Broad River, SC.
  • Current position: Assistant Fisheries Biologist, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission